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DON’T ASK can you hear me now March 4, 2016

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When presenting in a webinar, instead of asking “Can you hear me?”, ask a question verbally that the participants will answer in the chat pod.

Ask where are you joining us from today? or what are you hoping to learn? or what’s the weather like in your are? or … anything!

Guess what- If they type a response they can hear you!

What a better way to test your audio.


Top Ten Slide Tips August 28, 2015

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People EITHER read or listen to online presentations. If they’re reading your slide which is chock full of text then they’re NOT LISTENING to you.

If you’re intent in putting up a slide with tons of text, just email participants your presentation and don’t bother talking through it. There’s no reason.

If you want participants to listen to what you’re saying, DO NOT WRITE IT OUT on your slide. Put up a single image, then talk.

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Presentation Organization and preparation July 28, 2015

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success sign

What is the essence of your message? This is the question to ask yourself during preparation of a presentation.

If your audience could remember only 3 things about your presentation, what would you want it to be?

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How to add captions to a YouTube video July 24, 2015

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Captioning on YouTube June 23, 2015

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Educational Video with iDevices May 19, 2015

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How to create great eLearning videos PDF

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Click to download Create Great ELearning Videos PDF

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