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zoho is cool December 4, 2009

Filed under: new and cool — jen @ 4:02 pm

Am I the last to find  out about zoho??

Sure, google has been great and still is. . I create work and non-work docs  and use gmail.  But I’ve really used the heck outta google notebook. I’ve got lots of recipes there as well as other stuff.

Suffice it to say that l wasn’t thrilled to learn that google wasn’t continuing to develop notebook. Not that they’re taking it away (yet) but they are focusing on other apps  (that sell ad space) .

So when I saw the new version of Firebox doesn’t have the cool google notebook add-in I decided I’d best get my recipes out whilst I still can.

Enter zoho!  which imported my notebooks nicely AND  offered me a cool drink I mean add- in.. And there’s  a word processor, spreadsheet app, presentation app and more! I created (the first draft of) a presentation I’m doing next week in it and I daresay its nicer that the google presentation app.

it’s a good day. .



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