Extending Extension

using de to extend extension ed

sometimes simple works November 1, 2008

Filed under: random musings — jen @ 8:11 am

I wanted to create a scenario-type activity for an online course, and, because I had to think and do at the same time (pre-plan? huh?) I started working in PPT. That way I could make buttons, links that went to one slide or another based on what answer (button) was selected. And I could see better what I was doing than if I used moodle’s lesson tool, which is fabulously versitile but the procedure of laying everything out is quite text heavy and I can’t SEE what I’m doing with text. So I used PPT, and thought at some point I’d convert it to flash or something. I tried to save as HTML in PPT, but the links didn’t save. So I tried PPT2HTML. It was easy, uncomplicated, and it worked! Saved each slide as it’s own JPG and HTM, and retained the links. Vunderbar! Also, since it’s HTML, I can open it on my phone 🙂



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