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ABC’s new Greek show tweets July 30, 2007

Filed under: random musings — jen @ 7:57 am

NBC, CBS, ABC Family and MTV have found twitter, and are trying to see how they can tweet their shows and bring in even more money. In fact, Cappie on ABC Family’s new series, “Greek,” is going to be Twittering and encouraging viewers to do the same during Monday night’s episode.

I don’t know… TV is pervasive enough without getting constant minute by minute messages about it. Although I’d buy in if my tweets went to the actor or actress or producer. Now that would be tv 2.0! Sporting events are different- play by play is certainly appropriate there. During the World Cup, or even during an Aggie game, I’d appreciate tweets to let me know what’s going on, especially when it’s not televised or only on pay per view or something like that. That kinda happened during the world cup in the way of online chat, and it was fun to talk about the game in real time with others who were watching it. But I don’t feel that passion for a sitcom. Next thing you know I’ll be getting ad tweets. Uugh!


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