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BlogHer 07 SL July 29, 2007

Filed under: random musings,second life — jen @ 9:38 pm

BlogHer 07 SL conference was interesting… I didn’t attend as much of it as I’d hoped, and I don’t know enough about SL to be a very active participant. But it was so interesting! To see sessions, and exhibits, and social networking opportunities (including live performers and participants dancing) in SL was fabulous, and to have a chance to attend a conference virtually when I couldn’t attend physically was all I could ever ask for. I just should’ve spent more time in life beforehand so I’d know what I was doing. I didn’t know how to dance! And it took me a few minutes to turn on streaming audio so I could hear the live band. And still there was so much typing- although I haven’t spent the time to play with voice yet either.

Next time I’ll do some prep work beforehand- as I should with every conference I attend. And I’ll make sure that other things don’t pop up that push the virtual conference to the back burner. I’ll treat it with the respect a live conference gets.


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