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Monroe College is havin a SL hoedown July 12, 2007

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The Monroe College Second Life campus grand opening and open house is scheduled for Sun, July 22, 2007

The hay wagon and horse will start around NMC’s Teaching Island every hour on the hour, starting at 9am (SLT/PDT) with the last ride beginning at 4 pm. It will make stops at the various locations on the island where visitors can disembark or embark. The hayride will stop at New York University, Harper College, Sloan Consortium, Darton College, Williams College, Wright State University, Clemson University, & other locations. Visitors are invited to grab a partner and Square dance. They will have dance dresses and other western outfits to wear. Other activities include a Texas barbecue.

To visit or to attend the hoedown, go to http://slurl.com/secondlife/Teaching/149/186/21.
Search Places or Groups for Monroe College and teleport. 149, 186, 21 .

I’m intrigued and will try to stop by. I wonder…
what does SL BBQ taste like? And how can have a hoedown without appropriate beverages?!

monroe SL



One Response to “Monroe College is havin a SL hoedown”

  1. Steven Says:

    The design looks good.

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