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don’t make me think July 9, 2007

Filed under: best practices — jen @ 3:52 pm

“If you really want to know if your Web site works, ask your next door neighbor to try using it, while you watch. (You bring the beer.)”- from Advanced Common Sensesm, the online home of Web usability consultant Steve Krug.


Steve wrote a fabulous book called Don’t Make Me Think that speaks to the lazy web surfer in all of us. Well, at least in me. You may wonder what this has to do with distance ed… well what we’re doing in many cases is making web sites that educate. And we can’t make the websites so hard to figure out how to use that they don’t have any brainpower for the actual education! Yet so often we do just that, and our users click away before they even get to our well-designed curriculum.

Web design principles apply to online courses! And just because it’s easy to do- in dreamweaver or in any other application- doesn’t mean you should do it. It might even mean you really shouldn’t do it. Like blink text. Or animate barking dogs. Or use every color in the rainbow. Or every font installed on your computer.

PLEASE! Don’t make me think.

Go get the book, read it & live it.

and no, I’m not getting any kickback. it really is that good!


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