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SL vision June 11, 2007

Filed under: second life — jen @ 8:16 am

Maybe my computer’s not robust enough- but as I move around SL the graphics keep redrawing. Cool, yes, but if I walk or fly toward an area to check it out, and I think I know what I’m walking toward, what I saw from my starting point keeps changing as I move toward it. And it’s kinda disconcerting! I’m not sure why… and maybe it’s just a SL thing, that things are not what they may seem at first glance so you should never assume. But as I’m browsing in world I don’t know if there are 551,000,000 Results (things I’d like to explore) or 10.

I also can’t find things, which is probably why I end up wandering aimlessly. I want to use twitter inside SL (“tweet”) or use some kind of blog HUD . Maybe I better learn how to get around first or I won’t have much to tweet or blog about…….

HUD screenshot


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